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Hello, I am Rev. David Love a life cycle officiant and minister. Welcome to Celebrations of Life. I am committed to bringing you the highest quality service possible.
There are many things in life to celebrate, the birth and naming of a child, the marriage of two souls in love and even the love and legacy of a loved who has passed. Each of these bring us closer to this experience we call life.
While a celebration of the naming of a child or joining a couple in marriage is heart expansive, death of a loved one can be heart wrenching experience, especially when it is unexpected. As a life cycle officiant I am here to honour the love and connection you feel for your loved ones at every phase of your life.
It is my commitment to be there for you and your family with understanding and compassion help while celebrating the many facets of life. I can be there for you, your family and friends at all phases of these times of great transitions . I look forward to offering you professional, caring and goodhearted service.

About Rev. David Love

I began my ministry studies soon after graduating in 1979 with a business management degree. This interest in ministry, now spanning almost four decades, has been a lifelong interest and devotion of mine. I have been involved in leadership roles in many churches and not for profit organizations. I am currently Pastor of a Community Church in Orillia. This has given me much experience in helping people with the transitions of life from Baby Naming, to Weddings, to Celebrations of Life. I have found it my joy to be of service. I am a trained public speaker who has connected with audiences on a heart-felt level for decades. I have been ordained since 2001 as a Reverend. I feel being a non-denominational minister I am better able to offer assistance to people from all faiths, walks and backgrounds. Connecting with family and friends to honour life in its many phases is a passion of mine. To be a part of this great circle of life is a wonderful and divine calling I look forward to with each family I serve.


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Here you can connect with all the information you need to make your wedding day a beautiful and memorable occasion. Hiring a wedding officiant is a personal decision based on finding someone is a right fit for your personality and preferences.
It is my joy to work hard to make your wedding ceremony wonderful just the way you want it.
Here are many different wedding ceremonies available to suit your specific desires and wishes. Choose one your liking and feel free to add or subtract, trade of modify any way you would like. We Celebrate with Ceremonies for the Ones You Love at Weddings Barrie... Read More 

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Please accept my condolences.  When a loved one dies there so many things to consider, so many details that require your attention.
In perhaps one of the most difficult times in your life you are also suddenly faced with the need to plan a funeral or memorial service, creating a meaningful tribute, an End of Life Ceremony for your loved one.
I can create with you that unique tribute that reflects the life, the loves, the accomplishments and the values of your family and your loved one.  Through a process of careful, thoughtful listening and research I will design a ceremony that honours their life.
I can help you and your family celebrate a life the loss of someone you loved with dignity, sensitivity and compassion, encouraging all to share memories and the personal journey and life of your loved one.
I will meet with you and others who were close to the deceased beforehand and share the stories of what you would like others to know about the life and legacy of your loved one. The funeral service can focus on those things the deceased enjoyed, as well as the experiences shared throughout his or her life. Music, photographs or videos also may also help pay tribute to his or her celebration of life... Read More

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